Pure Pole Prodigy – Performance Program

Itching to perform your tricks on stage – but feel too shy?

Hoping to enter a competition, but not sure if you’re ready?

Keen for a challenge?

The Prodigy program is designed for
pole dancers great and small who want
to take their tricks to the stage!

Performance opportunities for Prodigies includes studio show nights, public performances at various expos & club events, as well as local and national championships for those with a competitive streak!

Is Prodigy right for me?

Anyone thinking of entering a comp this year would do well to join Prodigy, so they will be primed and ready. It’s also great for anyone who simply wants to take their pole skills to the next level, and experience the rush of performing in front of your class mates or a live audience.

You don’t have to be at an elite or advanced level for this program! Pure Pole Prodigy isn’t about the hardest tricks, or the craziest combos – it is about taking what you can do, and turning it into a great performance.

Pure Pole Prodigy performing at Sexpo 2010

Become a Performer!

Established in 2009, Pure Pole Prodigy is the first
pole training & mentoring program in Australia.

Only here will you will be trained and mentored by our Pure Pole Angels and founding director Natalie who also works with IPDFA as the Competition Systems & Criteria Specialist for pole comps around the world.

You’ll learn how to put your tricks together, develop your personal performance style and prepare for the stage!

If you want to perform alongside the Pure Pole Angels
– this is your chance to get the required training…

We’ll also bring in special guest instructors and performers to help you on your journey. Previous guests have included: Selina Tannenberg of Fitness Wonderland, World Doubles Pole Champion, That Pole Guy (Travis Scott), Asia-Pacific Pole Champion, Luxe L’etoile, various MakeUp Artists and of course our very own Pure Pole title holders and champions.

Our Prodigies enjoy ongoing support…

Even after you’ve finished training, Prodigies have access to exclusive privileges, performance opportunities, and ongoing mentoring. Check out our Prodigy troupe profiles to see where some of our students are today!

What you get, as a Prodigy:

  • Choreography and performance training sessions in a small group class
  • Exclusive discount bundle/package on courses with Prodigy
  • Free Open Practice at the studio PLUS additional ‘out of hours’ practice by appointment
  • World class training & mentoring in the art of pole performance and competition
  • The opportunity to meet and be taught by special guest instructors
  • An individual photoshoot, and a spot on our website (you can use a stage name, if you like)
  • Ongoing support and coaching, even after completing the initial Prodigy program.
  • The chance to perform alongside our popular Pure Pole Angels and other troupes, at studio show nights, public events such as expos & club gigs, as well as local and national competitions!

Want to Get Involved?

Find out how to apply for the Pure Pole Prodigy program,
or where you can see our Prodigies performing…

How to Get Involved With Prodigy