Pure Pole runs a range of pole and non-pole workshops that will challenge and inspire students of all levels!

Some of the workshops are designed to compliment our pole dancing courses and help you get fitter, stronger and more flexible, while others are a great chance to let your hair down and have some fun! We also strive to bring you the best of the best, and will run speciality workshops with touring pole and aerial champions from time to time. Be sure to check this page regularly, and get in quick to secure your spot in any of our fun and exciting specialty workshops!

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Pole Workshops

Pure Pole Spin

Put a new spin on your pole tricks! Learn variations of popular moves, a variety of links and transitions, and how to adapt your movement to spinning poles (incl. how to minimise dizziness, control your speed and more). This workshop is open to beginners wanting to learn on a spinning pole, and advanced students who’d like to bring what they love on static over to a spinner. This class is a GREAT upper body workshop and will also help improve your flow, technique and grace through taught combinations. Our instructors are able to cater for all strength and experience levels, so book in if you want to master the spinning pole!

Pure Pole Doubles

Learn tricks with two on a pole! This class is great fun to do with a friend (don’t worry, though, we can pair you up if you’re coming alone). Improve your strength and coordination through a variety of doubles spins, poses and tricks. Suitable for: all levels.

Aerial Inverts & Holds

Are you guilty of using the same old aerial inverted straddle or layback EVERY time you want to get upside down? This workshop will breathe new life into your pole workouts with a variety of tricks and transitions to get inverted UP the pole! Examples include: aerial shouldermounts, aerial inverted Vs, layback variations, apprentice mounts, aerial handspring variations, brass monkey inverts and aerial shouldermount rollovers. This workshop is a great way to kick your body into gear and work on various power and strength moves, with new aerial entries. Suitable for: Int 2 +

How to Freestyle

Putting your tricks together on the fly!

Breathe life back into your pole dance with this workshop focusing on linking, flow & transitions – including sway squats, step arounds, back arches, poses, kicks, floor work, half spins, direction changes and much much more! Whether you’re strong and flexy with kick-ass pole tricks or are still new and working on the basics, this workshop is a MUST as it will teach you how to put it together your OWN way! Suitable for: All levels

Flexy Tricks and Splits

Let’s get sexy flexy! Did you know you that don’t even need flat splits, to do the Jade Split? It’s true! Our Jade Doctors will show you how in this Flexy Tricks & Splits ER Clinic! If you’re looking for better lines, impressive curves or amazing arches, you don’t want to miss this course! By focusing on technique, we’ll show you the best way to get the most out your flexibility, and nail some beautiful bendy tricks such as the Cocoon, Eagle and Banana Splits. The course also features a stretching component that you can do at home, to directly complement your pole tricks. Suitable for: Beg 3 level and above

Ballet for Pole

Generations of classical dancers have touted the wonders of ballet as a solid foundation for all other dance forms. Pole is no different, so in this workshop you’ll follow your instructor through the 5 basic positions of ballet and a range of vertical barre exercises that will help you improve your strength, grace, extensions, flexibility, agility and balance on and around the pole. Then, put your beautiful new poses together with basic pole tricks and be amazed at how your body can flow around the pole – er, we mean vertical barre! Suitable for: All levels. Ballet shoes not required.

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Circus and Acro Workshops

Intro to Acro

Handstands, cartwheels, doubles acro balance or adagio, rolls and much more! This class is great fun and is an excellent complement to pole, as it will improve your all-round strength, balance and flexibility. No experience necessary, instructors are able to adapt moves to cater for your skill level, including absolute beginners.

Handstand Fundamentals

Discover the principles for executing and strengthening your handstands and elbow stands, both on and off the pole. Are handstands one of your nemesis moves? Don’t be afraid of this workshop! You’ll be taught the fundamental techniques that will help you achieve this pose, and those who can already handstand will be working on exit and entry variations to/from the pole to help create dynamic pole routines. This workshop is a fantastic way to improve your balance as well as upper body & core strength – a must for any pole dancer!Suitable for: All levels, Beg to Adv

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Burlesque and Exotic Dance Workshops

Pure Pole Lap & Chair

Learn a variety of sexy chair dance tricks, in this fun filled workshop – you’ll be surprised how great these moves are for toning your legs, bums and tums! Let out your wild side and have a laugh with our talented Burlesque and exotic dance instructors – and then put all your new skills together in a hot and cheeky routine! Heels recommended.

Booty Shaking

TWERK IT! Channel the likes of Shakira, Beyonce and J-Lo as you learn how to shake your booty like a pro! All shapes and sizes welcome – every booty can be taught to bounce. *wink* Be ready for a workout, popping and shaking your badonkadonk takes more energy than you think! Heels optional. Suitable for: All levels

Floor Flow

Work out your abs, butts and thighs with a sassy, floor-based dance routine! Follow your instructor as we add sexy twists to tried-and-tested exercise moves such as leg raises, crunches, shoulderstands, bridges and more – and put it all to music in a fun and flirty routine! Great for flexibility and improving core strength. We recommend participants wear knee or thigh high socks to protect their legs – and feel free to wear heels too; they count as extra weight on your ankles if you want more of a challenge! Suitable for: All levels

Burlesque Pole

Strut some sass, as you learn a basic burlesque-style warm-up, sexy pole walks and a classic Burlesque moves such as the bump, grind and shimmy! This workshop can also includes an introduction to glove and boa tease, floor work, chair dance, pin-up poses and facial expressions. At the end of the class we will pump the up the music and combine your new Burlesque moves with some beginner pole spins to get one fun and fabulous routine! Heels optional, but encouraged. Suitable for: All levels

For workshop dates, please check the News & Updates page
or Timetable page for your nearest studio.

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Special Guest Workshops

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