Mini Blocks

About 4 week mini-blocks

One of our favourite things about pole dance is that it’s so diverse!

Our 4 week blocks are designed to give you a taste of the various styles available – from Burlesque to Booty, to Handstands, Acro, various flexibility courses and more!

Routines & Dance

Learning and practicing a routine, whether pole, chair, booty – or something else – is great for cardio and improving your flow and movement! In some cases, students enrolled in these courses may get the opportunity to perform at Pure Pole Show Nights, alongside their teacher and classmates (please enquire). See below for our great range of 4 week pole / exotic dance routine courses, and check your local studio page to see what’s currently on the timetable.

E.R. Courses (Clinics)

These 4 week courses are best described as intensive workshops that focus on particular tricks, such as Handsprings, Shouldermounts, Flips & Flags – etc. There’s a heavy emphasis on practice and technique in this kind of Mini Block. Everything from the warm up through the cool down is designed help you nail some of your nemesis moves. Read more below!

Non-Pole Mini Blocks

There are many things you can do off the pole, to improve and complement your pole work. Flexibility training, for example, is a must for any serious pole dancer, and acrobatics & handstands are great cross-training classes that will help open doors for new pole tricks too! See what’s available below…

Routines & Dance

Pure Pole Flaunt

This 4 week block is all about strutting your stuff, and getting your sexy on! Each ‘Flaunt’ course is a little different, and the routines could include traditional (sexy) pole, chair dance and/or floor work – so check with your local studio to see what’s on the agenda this term. Whatever the style, this class is a great chance to let your hair down. Pole heels are highly recommended, but still optional. They’re great for your calves & glutes, can improve your postures and lines & extensions – but most of all they’ll help you unleash your inner temptress! Suitable for all levels.

Booty Routine

Learn the fundamentals of booty shaking, including how to pop, shake, bounce and twerk your tush! During the 4 week course you’ll also follow your instructor as we put your fun new moves together in a CHEEKY pole dance routine! Droppin’ it low and shaking your badonkadonk like Beyonce and Shakira is a lot of fun and a great workout for the butt and legs – so don’t say we didn’t warn you!   Suitable for all levels.

Pure Freestyle (Links & Transitions)

Whether you’re strong and flexy with kick-ass pole tricks or still new and working on the basics, this course will teach you how to put it together your OWN way! Develop your fluidity & flow as you learn a variety of ways to move around & between the poles as well as from floor to pole. Then put your favourite tricks and spins together with taught combinations, links and transitions. This mini-block is a great for cardio & endurance and a fun challenge for any student that wants to put the DANCE back in their pole dance! Suitable for all levels Beg 2 and above.

Ballet For Pole

Generations of classical dancers have touted the wonders of ballet as a foundation for all other dance forms. In this 4 week course you follow your instructor through the 5 basic positions of ballet and a range of vertical barre exercises that will help you improve your strength, grace, extensions, flexibility, agility and balance on and around the pole. Then, put your beautiful new poses together with basic pole tricks and ballet-inspired movement, and be amazed at how your body can flow around the pole – er, we mean barre! Suitable for All levels. Ballet shoes not required.
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E.R Courses / Clinics

Flexy Tricks & Splits

Let’s get sexy flexy! If you’re looking for better lines, impressive curves or amazing arches, you don’t want to miss this course. Did you know you that don’t even need flat splits, to do the Jade Split? It’s true! Our Jade Doctors will show you how in this Flexy Tricks & Splits clinic! By focusing on technique, we’ll help you get the best out your flexibility, and will work on some beautiful bendy tricks such as the Cocoon, Eagle, Lolo and Banana Splits (tricks taught will vary – depending on class size & students skill/experience). Suitable for students Beg 3 and above (must be able to invert & leg hang).

Flips & Flags

This is a great class for thrillseekers! You’ll work on strength-based tricks such as human flags, iguana and shouldermount flags as well as jaw-dropping dynamic tricks such as chopper windmills, shouldermount hops/bounces, regrip spins and a range of other drops, flips and catches. Please note: Many of these tricks are of a high difficulty level, but don’t let that put you off! Moves likes these take time, so be prepared for some challenges that you’ll continue working on after the course is complete. If you can shouldermount, handspring & aerial invert, it’s time to try some awesome Flips & Flags! Suitable for Int 2 & above (also ideal for male students).

Pikes & Planches

Muscle up and get those guns blazing! A ‘pike’ is a pose were the body is folded at the hips, usually with the legs together – such as the jacknife, teddy pike or shouldermount pike & more. Meanwhile, ‘planche’ is a gymnastic term where the body is held parallel to the ground by the arms. On the pole, this covers a range of strength-based tricks such as the shark, various tabletop poses, even iguana layouts and shouldermount flags. All tricks can be scaled up/down for the individual so don’t be afraid to give this course a try, or even repeat it and get something different each time! Suitable for Int 2 and above (also ideal for male students).

Pure Pole Doubles

Learn tricks with two on a pole! This class is great fun to do with a friend (don’t worry, though, we can pair you up if you’re coming alone). Improve your strength and coordination through a variety of doubles moves, including interlocking tricks, synchronised spins, fly/base partnered moves as well as fun transitions and poses for doubles. Suitable for Beg 2 level and above.

Handspring E.R

This class is great for those of you working on your handsprings, but struggling to ‘stick’ them – or for those of you who can handspring one way, but want to master some of the other grips, or some variations including the handspring pencil or jacknife. If you’ve almost got your handspring, we’re sure you will walk away from this course with an AWESOME one! And for those who don’t quite manage, we guarantee you will leave with all the required tools and techniques to practice at home and nail your handspring in no time! Suitable for Int 2 & above, or anyone who’s already started attempting to handspring.

Shouldermount E.R

Is the shouldermount one of your nemesis moves? Or can you shouldermount but want to take it to the next level? Then this class is for you! You will learn the tricks and technique to execute this impressive move EVERY time – and for those of you that are ready, we will also be working on variations such as aerial shouldermounts, shouldermount bounces, the shouldermount pencil, hyper shouldermount etc. This move is one you will definitely want in your tool belt, so don’t miss out on this ER clinic! Suitable for Int 1 level and above.
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Non-Pole Mini-Blocks

Pure Flex

Boost your flexibility and range of movement in your legs, shoulders and back, with this 4 week course. Pure Flex will help you work towards splits and back bends as well as improving your lines on the pole. Everything from the warm up to the cool down is designed to help soften and lengthen your muscles, and you’ll be given exercises to continue at home too. Compare your progress over time see the results for yourself! Suitable for all levels.

Handstands & Elbowstands

This 4 week block will help improve your core stability and overall strength, balance & control – all crucial for pole! Plus you’ll learn a range of handstands and elbowstands to use as pole mounts, dismounts or stand-alone floor poses. Some shoulder balances may also be taught, depending on student skills, class size & instructor suitability. Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to intermediate/advanced students.

Intro to Acro

Ths 4 week block will introduce you to a wide variety of floor-based acrobatic tricks and poses, both solo and with a partner. Think handstands, cartwheels, shoulder balances, forwards & backwards rolls as well as doubles acro balance (AKA ‘adagio’). It’s great fun and an excellent complement to pole, as it will improve your core stability and overall strength, balance and control. Suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to intermediate/advanced students.

How to Book:

  • First – read the class descriptions to see which classes you’d like to enrol in (price list is available here)
  • Second – check the timetable for your nearest studio
  • Third – simply call, email or visit your studio with your booking enquiry