Casual Classes

Want to try pole but not sure if it’s for you? Or LOVE pole, but can’t commit to a block course right now? Then our Casual Classes are the answer! Attendance is on a drop-in basis, with no bookings required – just turn up 10-15 minutes before to sign in. This makes them a great option for anyone on a hectic schedule, or any poler who wants to squeeze an extra pole fix into their week!

We have a wide range of Casual classes, from Pole Tricks to Pure Flaunt, Spin Pole to Combos & Flow – and more

Check out the class descriptions below…

Pole Casuals

Pole Tricks

Our Casual pole classes are focused around learning foundation pole moves, no set routine is taught, but instructors will happily demonstrate how to link moves together into short combinations. Casuals cater to all levels of students, including absolute beginners. This class is a great way to increase strength, tone up, and concentrate on mastering your foundation pole moves. Suitable for all levels, unless otherwise stated (eg “Int+ Pole Tricks”)

Spinning Pole

This mixed level class is taught on poles that rotate/spin, so you’ll first learn how to adapt your movement to suit the spinning pole. Spin classes concentrate on variations of popular moves, that are suited to spin, as well as improving your flow, technique and grace through taught combinations. Our instructors are able to cater for all strength and experience levels, and taught combinations can be made easier or harder as required). Suitable for all levels, unless otherwise stated (eg “Int+ Spin Pole”)

Pole Choreo

Pole dance isn’t just about the tricks! In this class you’ll follow your teacher through a new routine each week – so you can start any time! We run run ‘mixed level’ Choreo classes which include basic spins and climbs but are suitable for everyone as we focus on links, transitions and flow more than the tricks. Some studios also offer ‘Int+’ Choreo where the routines will incorporate more challenging spins, holds, inverts and even aerial combos. Pure Pole Choreo is great for cardio, toning up and breaking a sweat – plus will improve your musicality, timing and pole flow! Suitable for all levels.

Pure Pole Flaunt

This class is all about strutting your stuff, and getting your sexy on! Each ‘Flaunt’ class could be a little different, incoporating elements from traditional / sexy pole, chair dance, burlesque, latin dance and/or floor work – so check with your local studio to see what’s on the agenda this term. Whatever the style, this class is a great chance to let your hair down. Pole heels are optional but highly recommended – they’re great for your calves & glutes, can improve your postures and lines & extensions – but most of all they’ll help you unleash your inner temptress! Suitable for all levels.

Combos & Flow

This is a casual class that brings together the best of both worlds. You’ll work on pole tricks and technique, plus follow your instructor through short choreo sequences to link your new moves together. Tricks & Dance it’s a great way to improve your flow & movement, and get a killer pole workout at the same time. How can you say no to SO much awesomeness rolled into one? Suitable for all levels, unless stated otherwise.

Pole Sculpt (Drills & Strength)

Looking for a hardcore workout on the pole? This Casual Classes focuses on pole drills to improve your technique & strength for a range of pole tricks – across all levels. You will use the poles to practice things like leg raises, shoulder mounts, a range of strong and powerful climbs, various inverts (from the ground right through to aerial deadlifts & presses) – and all drills can be scaled up/down depending on your skill/experience. If you’re struggling to ‘level up’ to the next pole course, this class could be the answer! Suitable for all levels Beg 2 and above.

Spins & Spirals

Spins & Spirals great for new and experienced dancers alike – you’ll work on spiral movements not just on the ground, but up the pole too, as well as spinning inverts and dynamic combinations for those that are ready. Newbies will learn a range of basic spins, while more advanced polers work on variations of popular spins as well as upside down spirals. This class will help develop your flow & movement, strength, coordination and control of momentum. A great workout and a MUST for anyone hoping to perform one day! Suitable for all levels.

Men’s Pole Casual

This Casual Class is designed for guys who want to give pole fitness a try! All levels welcome, from Beginners through to Advanced and Professional. This class focuses more on the strength and power-based tricks that dominate male pole performances, such as the shouldermount, human flag, chinese pole climbs and more, but men can request to learn spins and trick combinations too if time permits. Suitable for all levels.  
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Non-Pole Casuals

These classes are excellent complimenary courses, and well help fast track your progress on the pole too.


Pure Sculpt (Strength & Cond)

Struggling to nail a new pole trick? This class will give you a full body workout, concentrating on the major muscle groups used in pole. You will improve your strength, stamina and balance through a variety of ‘bootcamp style’ drills and exercises. Be prepared to challenge yourself, this class is not for the faint of heart! This Casual Class was previously known as ‘Strength & Conditioning’ and is an “off the pole” fitness class that may still incorporate poles as equipment for some resistance-based exercises. Suitable for all levels.

Pure Fit (Cardio Circuit)

This Casual Class is designed to give you a high energy workout, focusing on cardio and aerobic fitness. Feel the endorphin rush with 45 minutes of interval training! This is an “off the pole” fitness class, but some exercises may still incorporate poles as equipment. Each Pure Fit class is a little different – and the Cardio Circuit may include things like skipping, zumba, dance/aerobics, boxing & hula hooping as well as general ‘bootcamp’ style cardio drills – all set to great workout music to keep you moving to the beat! We definitely recommend a bottle of water and your own face towel for this one. Suitable for all levels.

Stretch & Flex Casual

Improve your lines and range of movement, so you can finally achieve those awesome pole moves! In this class you’ll do a range of stretches designed to complement your pole workout, and help work towards splits, back bridges and more. A good stretching regime is important to help prevent injury, and get the most out of your fitness goals. But best of all – the more flexible you are, the easier it will be to get into all those crazy beautiful positions on the pole! Suitable for all levels (you do have to be bendy to get started!)

Pure Splits

This class is perfect for students who want to achieve the splits, as well as those who can already split at least one way. All stretches are designed to complement your pole workouts & are suitable for beginners to advanced. Improve your lines & increase your usable range of movement. Remember, the more flexible you are, the easier it is to get into all those crazy & beautiful positions on the pole! All levels welcome. Suitable for all levels (you do have to be bendy to get started!) Back to Top

How to Book:

No bookings are required for Casual Classes. They operate on a ‘drop-in’ basis and we can cater for up to 3 students per pole – so just check the timetable for your nearest studio and turn up 10 to 15 minutes class before to sign in and pay. That’s it!