Block Courses

Why choose a block course?

  • Progress from Beginners Prep right through to Intermediate and Advanced Plus…
  • You’ll be learning with other people of the same skill level as you, meaning more quality time with the instructor.
  • Class size is capped to ensure every student has a pole to themselves
  • Our block courses are designed to prepare and strengthen your body from the beginning, so you’ll develop the solid foundation you need to pull off some awesome pole acrobatics you’d only expect to see on stage!
  • These lessons also include rotating group activity components such as a pole conditioning segment, a freestyle challenge, or a group combo/routine practice. These will help build your strength, coordination and flow – a must for all pole dancers!

Beginner Levels

It starts! If you’re serious about learning to pole dance, our Beginners block courses are the place to start! Each week you will build on the moves you know, learning variations and extensions, as well some linking moves and combinations so you can put it all together. Courses also include conditioning components to prepare you for the amazing tricks in later levels!

Beginners Prep

Suitable for those with no prior experience (newbies start here!) In Beg Prep you’ll learn our foundation level pole tricks, including a variety of spins, climbs and sits. These classes focus on building strength and co-ordination for pole, and by the final week you’ll be stringing your new moves together in short combinations!

Beginners Plus

In this block you’ll learn more advanced spins, sits and holds, as well as how to start linking your tricks together in 3 and 4 point combinations. You will also work on mastering your first inversion and layback, and will learn several upside down tricks and dismounts in preparation for Intermediate 1.

Beginner Spinner

This course is perfect for those who want to polish the moves they love, and master the spinning poles at the same time! You’ll recap some tricks from Beg Prep and Plus, plus new moves suited specifically for spin poles, and will learn some combos and mini-routines too, making the course a great way to improve your flow and endurance! Intermediate students interested in spinning pole are encouraged to start with this course as basic inverts and laybacks are taught in Beg Plus, so some sequences will still be challenging even for seasoned dancers! Suitable for: Beg Plus level & above.
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Intermediate Levels

With over 100 unique pole moves across our Intermediate curriculum (and we’re still counting!), there is something for every pole addict! Strong emphasis is placed on technique, including the muscle groups used and pivot/contact points of the body as you learn to execute these higher level tricks with poise and control.

Intermediate Prep

If you’ve made it this far, we figure you’re addicted! In the Intermediate blocks you will learn a huge range of new gravity-defying holds, spins and tricks, including ones that will have you hanging upside down, hands free! Intermediate 1 concentrates on inverts, including a variety of inverted tricks and poses, as well as some more advanced spins. This is where you’ll set the foundation for even more exciting tricks to come!

Intermediate Plus

By the time you reach Int Plus there’s no going back – you’re definitely hooked now!  This course will have you upside-down and inside-out, executing pole tricks you never imagined you could! Get a full body workout in every class, with tricks that will challenge and inspire students from all walks of life. Various entries and exits are taught for each move, including a variety of different pole mounts and a range of new aerial & inverted holds that will test both your strength and flexibility. Students will also work on prepping for Advanced aerial tricks and combinations to come in the higher levels.

Intermediate Combos

Passed Beginners, and done at least one Intermediate course? Now you’re ready to start putting your crazy new moves together! This class is great for endurance and conditioning – and is a must before moving up to the Advanced levels! You’ll work on jaw-dropping tricks sequences from floor to ceiling and back again – and soon you’ll be able to perform combos that will leave your friends speechless! Suitable for Int Prep and above – tricks and combs will be ‘scaled up’ for higher level students, which means you can repeat this course as much as you like – and learn something new every time!
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Core Tech

 In this course we focus on building the strength and technique required for the core foundational moves in the Intermediate and Advanced levels. You’ll work on shoulder mounts, handsprings, aerial inverts, levers and presses, handstands, planches, flags and more. Core Tech is a great course to return to many times throughout your pole journey – as you will build on these tricks and techniques right through from floor-based prep through to aerial deadlifts, for those who are ready!

Advanced Levels

This is the level where budding pole champions are born. Advanced pole dancing requires dedication, commitment and a fierce passion for the art and sport of pole. Courses at this level are frequently updated, so students continue to receive world class training in a range of new and exciting tricks of the moment!

Advanced Prep

Not for the faint of heart! By the time they reach Advanced, students will be displaying a well-balanced skill set across a variety of pole moves, including strength, flexibility and endurance, with finely polished technique. These girls and guys are set to be stars of the show, and will defy gravity with mind-bending new tricks, including thrilling drops and flips!

Advanced Plus

Our highest level course, featuring special guest instructors and rotating class components. Adv Plus description coming soon…

Advanced Combos

Put your wide repertoire of moves together in awe-inspiring trick sequences that will see you spinning, flipping, climbing, dropping and flying from the top to bottom of your poles.  Emphasis is placed on making your tricks and movements look effortless, and you’ll also work on  various entries, exits and transitions including some dramatic drops and catches! Students in this level are a force to be reckoned with!

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How to Book:

  • First – read the class descriptions to see which courses you’d like to enrol in (price list is available here)
  • Second – check the timetable for your nearest studio
  • Third – simply call, email or visit your studio with your booking enquiry

Done pole before? We’ll help you find the Pure Pole level that is the best fit for your skill, experience & ability – talk to us about booking in grading session.